An Environmental History Magazine

Between Territory and Earth was started with the intent to regularly publish an environmental history magazine but also to cultivate a collaborative, critical community around environmental history. The editorial staff came together to form this initiative while studying at Uppsala University’s Global Environmental History program in Sweden. Our diverse interests and backgrounds (in terms of both discipline and geography) set the stage for a breadth of topics and perspectives on issues in environmental history as well as a wide array of novel ways to address challenges we are faced with in the world today. We intended to inspire anyone who is interested in applying a creative approach to research and having generative discussions. Steps taken for our first issue, as a result, have involved implementing a supportive peer circle process, creating a plan for building a larger community for our future issues, as well as actively attempting to communicate exactly what is environmental history? in order to engage more actively with the broader public. 


We aspire to: 

  • Cultivate the cultivators of environmental history.


  • Map out the full breadth of what environmental history could be, and as a result expand the boundaries of current environmental history research.


  • Investigate how academia and art can co-create new narratives/conversations/spaces.


  • Form a critical collaborative community of researchers who learn from one another.


  • Promote mutual speculations and speculative futures with a tone of radical hope.


  • Value equal voices, creativity, exploration, questions over answers, while inspiring and educating others.
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